Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Economic Growth

The Charlotte Convention Center is a vital part of the Queen City’s dynamic hospitality industry – welcoming thousands of visitors and guests through its doors annually and generating activity that supports local jobs and businesses.

Our Commitment

With Inclusion as one of our core values, we seek to leverage the talents and skills of diverse individuals and companies in executing our mission to elevate community prosperity and improve the quality of life for residents through a vibrant visitor economy.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with the City of Charlotte and Holder-Edison Foard-Leeper (HEFL) on creating equitable access for Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprises to participate in bid and contracting opportunities connected to the $126.9 million expansion of the Convention Center. The expansion project incorporates several elements that speak to our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion and to promoting economic growth and development.

Creating Opportunities

Ambitious supplier diversity goals were set for the project that support an inclusive approach to procurement. One component of this effort involves cultivating relationships with historically underutilized businesses and working to incorporate these companies into our network of vendors, contractors and subcontractors. Throughout the construction project, the Charlotte Convention Center has intentionally sought to expand the supply chain so that it reflects the diversity of our guests, customers and broader community.

In the short term, the expansion has acted as an immediate job creation engine for diverse suppliers. Looking to the future, the expansion will continue to economically fuel the region by attracting larger meetings, conventions and events. This, in turn, generates more opportunities and sets a blueprint for continued growth for years to come.

Shaping the Future

The Convention Center expansion project is also broadening its impact on the community through its participation in a workforce development program. This apprenticeship program provides structured on-the-job learning, instruction and specific skills training in construction and other related building trades. Graduates may also earn state or national level credentials or certifications that enhance their hiring and wage potential.

In a competitive economy, apprenticeships can play a valuable role in preparing individuals for future careers or offering a pathway for those looking to transition from their current employment. Workforce development programs such as this help expand a community’s skilled labor force, increase educational and job opportunities for residents, and create access to social capital – all of which support important economic mobility and economic inclusion initiatives.

Why It Matters

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA), which manages the Charlotte Convention Center, is a trusted leader of the region’s $7.8 billion visitor economy. Leisure and hospitality is the region’s fourth largest industry, and 1 in 9 employed residents work in the sector. The CRVA maximizes the region’s potential through visitor spending, creating jobs and enhancing opportunities for the community. The expansion of the Charlotte Convention Center is a strategic component of this ongoing and vital effort.

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