Charlotte Convention Center

Green Initiatives

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority is committed to operating in a manner that drives social and environmental change to serve our community, customers and visitors. Our sustainable efforts include:


  • Our Exhibit Hall lighting features 471-watt LED High Bay fixtures, reducing energy usage by 53% over previous fixtures while also increasing lighting levels and flexibility.
  • During move-in and move-out to Exhibit Halls, lights run at 50%, and no HVAC is utilized.
  • All meeting rooms and the Richardson Ballroom have been converted to LED lighting.
  • We only run escalators in the building based on occupancy and event needs.
  • Our team has partnered with Johnson Controls on efficient management of the heating and cooling system and operation of lights based on the activity in the building.
  • The glass in the facility is classified as low ‘E’ – energy-friendly – and controls UV light flow into the Charlotte Convention Center.
  • New Exhibit Hall chairs are GREENGUARD Certified, meaning that the materials used have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air.
  • We have upgraded our central plant, replacing the building’s original HVAC chillers, boilers, and cooling towers as part of our expansion project with new, energy efficient flexible units allowing for enhanced energy-saving operation
  • We upgraded our HVAC cooling towers’ make-up water provision capabilities, allowing us to use treated groundwater from underground springs beneath the Center, resulting in savings of around 100,000 gallons of City water per month.


  • Auto flushers and water faucet aerators are installed throughout the facility to contribute to water conservation.
  • Inventory finished-top linen-less tables for classroom sets and 30” wide table needs; there is also 100% aluminum for F&B breaks. Less linens to launder result in reduced water usage.
  • Our maintenance landscaping is conducive to less water usage.
  • Installation of new system using treated groundwater from under the Center to provide make-up water to the Center’s cooling towers serving the HVAC central plant, providing over 11% of the make-up water used in its first six months of operation.


  • The Charlotte Convention Center partners with local company, Earth Farms Organics, to pick up composting twice a week.
  • The CRVA, across all venues, averages approximately 10 tons of food and food prep to the compost program annually.
  • Center composts all organic and disposable materials collected in BOH (Back of House), reducing unnecessary landfill usage.
  • Our culinary team partners with ‘Stew of Sustainability’ and Second Harvest Food Bank of the Metrolina to repackage, freeze and donate any untouched, leftover food.
  • Since 2018, the culinary team has processed for donation 40,000 lbs. of food (1 lb. equates to 1 meal/person) to Stew of Sustainability.
  • 75% of food waste is diverted from landfills and combustion facilities.


  • The Charlotte Convention Center offers clear beverage cups that are made from a biodegradable corn material (PLA), and biodegradable coffee cups from a leading green company.
  • We recycle aluminum, batteries, cardboard, glass, lightbulbs, paper, pallets, plastic and toner cartridges.
  • All cooking oil is recycled and repurposed.
  • Bulk beverages are also available for most events including soda, iced tea, coffee and water.
  • We set rooms and prepare meals only for the actual number guaranteed; no overages.


  • Our Catering menus offer organic and locally grown produce from North / South Carolina farms, as well as local and regional beer and wine.
  • 95% percent of cleaning supplies are environmentally safe and biodegradable.
  • Microfiber cleaning materials are used and Hepa filters are in all vacuum cleaners.
  • Soap dispensers use green certified soap, which requires less water to rinse.
  • For food and beverage events, we use 65% post-consumer recycled paper napkins or cloth napkins whenever possible.


  • The Charlotte Convention Center has a membership in the Mecklenburg County “Wipe Out Waste” program and is a co-sponsor of the Charlotte Green Team.


  • Pursuit of LEED O+M (Operations & Maintenance) Certification.