Charlotte Convention Center

Helpful Information

Below are downloadable files and forms, as well as information regarding Special Amenities, ADA Accessibility and Green Meeting Initiatives.

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Special Amenities

  • On-site parking, which is available at the NASCAR Hall of Fame parking deck adjacent to the Charlotte Convention Center (standard rates apply)
  • Lay-by capacity for buses at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard entrance
  • Visitor info services
  • ATM on-site
  • UPS Store on-site
  • A digital marquee at the corner of College and Stonewall streets, displaying event information
  • A photo and video library
  • A preferred in-house A/V provider with complete inventory of equipment and professional technicians
  • A comprehensive crisis communications plan in place
  • Non-smoking complex
  • Right-to-work state
  • ADA compliant

ADA Accessibility

Information for Patrons with Disabilities

The Charlotte Convention Center is committed to making your visit enjoyable. At any time during your visit, please feel free to ask for assistance or guidance from our event staff.


Parking is available at prevailing rates in the NASCAR Hall of Fame Parking deck adjacent to the Charlotte Convention Center. Parking for guests with disabilities is also available here, but they must display proper state identification.

Drop off / Pick up

Drivers may drop off and pick up passengers with mobility issues at the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard entrance of the building.

Entrance / Elevators

All passenger elevators at the Charlotte Convention Center are accessible to guests with disabilities. The center has accessible entrances from South College Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.


Concession stands and food carts are located throughout the center. Upon request, food service hosts will read menus located at each concession outlet.

Restrooms / Water Fountains

Accessible restrooms and water fountains are available throughout the center.

First Aid / Emergency Situations

Licensed first aid technicians/EMTs are on staff for all public events. If you need first aid assistance, please contact the nearest security guard or police officer. In the event of an emergency, please follow the directions of emergency personnel and staff.

Green Meeting Initiatives

The Charlotte Convention Center has become one of a growing number of large convention facilities across the United States to “go green.” In addition to procedures implemented, like the usage of biodegradable cups made from corn products, the facility has gone the extra mile and added substantial recycling programs, environmentally friendly cleaning products and energy-saving initiatives.

A list of green initiatives currently in place at the Charlotte Convention Center follows:


  • Membership in the Mecklenburg County “Wipe Out Waste” program
  • Co-sponsor of the Charlotte Green Team
  • Partner with Johnson Controls on efficient management of the heating and cooling system; operation of lights based on activity in the building
  • Glass in the facility is classified as low ‘E’ – energy friendly – and controls UV light flow into center
  • Exhibit hall lighting features 471-watt LED High Bay fixtures, reducing energy usage by 53 percent over previous fixtures while also increasing lighting levels and flexibility
  • Run lights at 50 percent and no HVAC during move-in and move-out to exhibit halls
  • Run escalators in the building based on occupancy and event needs
  • “Recycle” banners in all exhibit halls to encourage recycling
  • Recycle the following items:
    • Lights bulbs
    • Batteries
    • Aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles
    • Cardboard
    • Pallets
    • Paper and toner cartridges
  • Computers are powered down at night
  • All business cards, letterhead and envelopes are printed on 60 percent recycled/30 percent post-consumer paper
  • 95 percent of cleaning supplies are environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • Microfiber cleaning materials used and Hepa filters in all vacuum cleaners
  • Dispensers use green certified soap, which requires less water to rinse
  • Auto flushers throughout facility contribute to water conservation
  • Water faucet aerators reduce water usage

Food and Beverage

  • Offer the use of china, glass and silver whenever possible
  • Offer clear beverage cups that are made from a biodegradable corn material (PLA)
  • Use compostable boxes or minimal packaging for box lunches
  • Use biodegradable coffee cups from a leading green company
  • Usage of 65 percent post-consumer recycled paper napkins or cloth napkins whenever possible
  • Catering menus offer organic and locally grown options as well as local and regional beer and wine
  • All cooking oil is recycled
  • Use 5-gallon bulk water dispensers for groups, on request, in place of bottled water
  • Bulk beverages: soda, iced tea, coffee and water available for most events
  • Recycle plastic, glass and aluminum
  • Recycle all cardboard packaging
  • Set rooms and prepare meals only for the actual number guaranteed
  • Leftover food is donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina
  • Tables made out of 100 percent recycled aluminum for banquet sets and meeting rooms, reducing the need for tablecloths
  • Work with a local composting facility to compost all organic and disposable materials collected BOH reducing unnecessary landfill usage