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East Charlotte

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Michele Lennon

3 weeks ago

Took my niece out for her first grown up theater experience to see Wicked. I love going to Ovens Auditorium for concerts and other events. There isnt a bad seat in the house. I purchased ticket in the orchestra section row EE center which was right in front of the lighting/sound boards so my 9 year old could stand to see without causing issues. She truly enjoyed the show and is looking forward to seeing Mean Girls next. I made sure we arrived early so was able to secure a good parking space. Also was able to hit the restroom well before showtime so we didnt need to try and fight the crush at intermission.


Susan DeFazio

a month ago

The parking and getting into the theater was very easy and convenient and no extra charge which was nice! As far as inside the actual theater I can only rate based off our "cheap" seats in the back. There was not much leg space so I was uncomfortable the whole time with my knees crammed (I am 5'9"). We also could not see the actors and actresses faces from our seats. Maybe if we were on the lower level or closer we could have seen more and potentially leg room is bigger in the more expensive seats.


Dancin' Freckles

4 weeks ago

They've added more bathrooms, but they're not easy to find unless you leave the balcony area. They require masks at all times. No concessions as of 9/11/21 when we visited for Wicked. It is very hard to go 3 1/2 hours with nothing to drink. I hope they ease up on this restriction, because it was very hard on my body with the medications I take. Made it almost unpleasant and difficult to enjoy the very excellent musical!


Bob Metzger

a month ago

If I could give it 0 stairs I would. Paid money for these incredible seats. Much better seat next time around


1 to BE Sunshine

a month ago

Show was amazing!!!! The place was packed, EXTREMELY hot, no air flow and no water was allowed. We won't be back until this pandemic is over.