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Discovery Place Science



Total Venue Capacity

  • 1,800 Reception, 400 Seated

Level 1 (without Theater)

  • 300+ Reception, 100+ Seated

Level 2

  • 1,500 Reception, 300 Seated

Level 3

  • 360+ Reception, 60+ Seated

IMAX Dome Theater

  • 280 Seated

Education Studio (Full)

  • 200+ Reception, 100+ Seated

Discovery Theater

  • 200 Seated

Sun Terrace

  • 100 Reception, 60 Seated

Education Studio (Spark or Flow)

  • 75+ Reception, 50+ Seated

Windows on Tryon

  • 55+ Reception, 30+ Seated



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One of the top science museums in the nation, Discovery Place Science is a one-of-a-kind venue, providing creative, intelligent and fun spaces. Mingle, eat and drink while surrounded by an urban rainforest, aquarium habitats and interactive exhibits showcasing the latest advancements. Plus enhance your experience with special activities and dynamic demonstrations that add a spark to any event.

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Isaac Bosley

in the last week

Fantastic execution. Some exhibits are better than others but overall they did an excellent job of putting together an interactive experience for young children, one adults can find entertainment in as well. The mechanical material conveying, bed of nails, human hamster wheel, and reptile exhibits were some of our favorites. My only complaint is an unorthodox one: their gift shop didn't have much going on as far as mementos. It would be nice if they had a pressed penny machine, some Christmas ornaments, etc to commemorate the experience.



in the last week

A great fun way to spend the afternoon with kids in Charlotte. The staff are friendly and willing to answer kid's questions. There are lots of hands-on interactive exhibits that allow children to learn and had fun at the same time. My 10 year old loved trying everything out and would ask questions after trying one of the hands-on experiences...she learned a lot. They also have staff led demonstrations with things like liquid nitrogen that she found absolutely facilitating. Highly recommend if you are in the Charlotte area with children.


Jessie Formicola

a week ago

Fun experience! We were on an overnight trip to Charlotte and decided to visit this children's museum. There were lots of interactive things for the kids and learning material. We had a blast! Expect to spend around 2 hours at least but it was a fun filled day. Definitely recommend!


Bradley Hardy (Brad)

3 months ago

loved it. Visited again in 2022. Had a lovely time. As with any science museum you will find many hands on exhibits that are amazing. Several are out of commission due to breakage caused by overzealous kid scientists. Lots of fun and interesting things. Had a feel good section that was a big bummer. Could have done something real and not fake science.


Axel Spens

in the last week

Lots of well done displays and learning stations. Content presented clearly and sparks more thought. Many tanks of exotic creatures - frogs, saltwater fish, sea horses, eels, jellies. Human body exhibit had displays of biochemical constituents. Staff available and friendly to answer questions. Exceeded my expectations for a city museum.